BIZARRE: Grandpa had already been cremated when the police came forth with this story…

The family was devastated by the passing of their beloved grandpa!

The 74-year-old Miguel Angel Gomar de Luna from Mexico disappeared, much to the chagrin of his family, from his nursing home just months ago. The grandpa was no stranger to alcohol and rumor had it he just wanted to get out and have a few drinks somewhere.

It wasn’t the first time the elderly Mexican man had snuck out to have a few drinks before heading back late at night. But this time he didn’t come back which incited months of searching for him. The family was uncertain of his fate and were terribly worried about their grandfather. The police reached out to the family after two months to inform them that Miguel’s body had been found. His daughter, Lucero, didn’t recognize him from the photos that had been taken of the body, but the police insisted that it matched her father’s profile. Lucero finally gave in and signed the necessary papers. Grandpa was cremated and the family’s awful time of uncertainty and searching was put to an end.

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