Emotional: A Sri Lankan mother finds her son 16 years after a tsunami

The boy was 5 years old when he went missing

We all remember the tsunami that took place in Sri Lanka in 2004, sixteen years ago. Many people were killed in this horrific natural disaster and many families were ripped apart. Akram Rizkhan was 5 years old when the tsunami wiped out his village and he lost his mother. His mother never stopped looking for him. And with success! After sixteen years, they were finally reunited.


On 26 December 2004, a tsunami ravaged through Sri Lanka. Including the village of Karativu, where the, then, 5-year-old Akram Rizkhan lived with his mother. In all the chaos he was separated from his mother. He was taken to a hospital in the area and was later adopted into a family. Throughout all those years his mother had no idea where he was.

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