This enormous hotel in Germany has never had any guests, and this is why

The hotel is almost 5 kilometres long!

How did we not know this existed before? This hotel should have been the biggest hotel in the world. However, what’s left of it is nothing more than ruins. The hotel is situated on the German island Rügen. The Prora beach hotel was planned to be completed between 1936 and 1939, but the plans were put on hold due to World War Two.

The money was needed elsewhere.

No more money

The hotel was initially meant to welcome Adolf Hitler’s Nazi friends. However, it never got to that point. Germany needed the money elsewhere, so instead of finishing this immense hotel they built aeroplanes, weapons and infrastructure.

Army base

The hotel has been used for a little while, though. It was used as a top-secret Sovjet base during the war. After the war, there were plans to demolish the hotel entirely, but there simply wasn’t enough dynamite. After that, it was a base for the German army for a while. When everyone had left the place was forgotten about and completely abandoned. It was erased from maps and forgotten about. Once, the gigantic building was supposed to look like the pictures below, but unfortunately, it was never completed.

hotel germany

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