Which color matches your personality? We’ll tell you!

Are you fiery red or sunny yellow?

In ancient Greece they believed that you could see what kind of person someone was based on their appearance. For example, they were convinced that a person with a large forehead was very intelligent. And if you had a long neck? This hinted at laziness. Nowadays we use psychological tests to decipher one’s personality. One example of this is the DISC method.


You’ve probably noticed that everyone acts differently in group settings. Some people take on the role of the leader within a project while others take notes and grabs coffee for the rest of the group. The role each person plays depends on their personality – and the personalities of the others in the group. Your personality is a reflection of your buildup and includes everything that you feel, think, or do.

Colors of the DISC method

Did you know that you can describe your personality through colors? This is what we call the DISC method. DISC stands for:

  • D: Dominance
  • I: Inducement
  • S: Submission
  • C: Compliance

Psychologist Dr. William Maston invented the DISC method and mapped out the four most striking behavioral styles of people, with the corresponding emotions. He translated these four behavioral styles into colors. Would you like to know which color suits your personality? You can read it below.

1.Fiery red

With the D of dominance comes the color red. People with this style of communication are self-confident, result oriented, and assertive. They don’t avoid confronation and aren’t afraid to take risks. They can be too direct in stressful situations which makes them come off as arrogant. When meeting new people they give a firm handshake, make direct eye contact, and speak with a loud voice.

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