Surprise! The 21 Most Unexpected Wedding Photos

A wedding is a ceremony that brings together love, drinks, and jealous singles. The perfect recipe for spicy pics. 

Back in the day, weddings used to be fancy events with stylish and proper pictures. This isn’t the case nowadays. And thanks to the internet, we can all join in on the fun! 

From the lovably uncomfortable wedding fails to the totally outrageous poses, these hilarious wedding photos will make you laugh until you cry. Youll find everything from the classicbride and groom with a face full of cake to the more risquégroom holding his new brides lingerie. No matter your sense of humor, these wedding pics will make your day. So, if youre looking for a good laugh, look no further. From silly poses to outrageous props, these wedding photos capture the joy and excitement of the special day.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or something more heartfelt, these wedding photos will bring a smile to your face. There’s something for everyone, from the traditional wedding party photo with the bride and groom in the center, to the impromptu bridesmaids’ photo with silly sunglasses, to the hilarious photo of the groom holding his bride’s lingerie. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, check out these naughty wedding photos. And no matter the size of your wedding, remember that it’s all about having fun and making memories!

We’ve put together a slideshow of some of the best naughty wedding pictures, so sit back and enjoy.

1. Asked for her hand, but couldn’t keep his own to himself

This groom decided, even before the wedding, that the grass was greener on the other side. The bride still had her wedding dress on when his roaming hands landed on another woman. Unfortunately for him, his brand-new wife saw it all happen. We doubt he’ll make it through their first night as a married couple in one piece! 

But it’s not always the men that misbehave, you’ll see what we mean on the next page. 

2. A day of love or lust? 

These bridesmaids got a little too hot and heated during their friend’s wedding. They couldn’t contain themselves and before the end of the ceremony and are seen all tangled up in each other’s arms during a photoshoot. It looks like the other bridesmaids won’t be far behind… What do you think they had to drink during the celebration? 

At least they still have their clothes on. We can’t say the same for the bridesmaids on the next page…