These Movie Wardrobe Fails Nearly Ruined Everything

These blunders slipped through the cracks

Making a movie is an enormous enterprise. It requires a director, actors and dozens of crew members. While they spend millions of dollars on a single movie, we have proof that they still encounter a blunder every now and then.

The errors can be editorial oversights, historical unaccuracies or shocking clothing fails. Some eagle eyed viewers have turned spotting the blunders into a game. Did you notice the following blunders while watching the movies?

Here are some of the biggest blunders that have made their way into movies. An example is the In the movie “Titanic”, a modern-day lifeboat can be seen in the background of a scene set in 1912. These blunders slipped through the cracks and ended up in the finished product. Movie studios have a lot to answer for, but luckily these mistakes can provide some comic relief and a bit of entertainment.

Legends of the Fall: Brad Pitt’s Too-Perfect Blonde Hair

In this coming-of-age cowboy movie, set in the American Wild West, Bratt Pitt played an attractive cowboy called Tristan Ludlow. This middle son of a family living on a Montana ranch was wild, but at the same time pretty sensitive. The movie has received critique from eagle-eyed viewers, especially regarding Brad Pitt’s hair. They say his wavy hair was more suitable to a 1960’s movie. His facial hair received critique as well. Tristan Ludlow was too cleanly shaven to fit in with the time.

Troy: Umbrellas

In the historical epic Troy, we relive the story of the siege of Troy in Ancient Greece. You might’ve seen the pink parasol that kept the sun out of Orlando Bloom’s face, but did you realize that this is an inaccuracy? Umbrellas were only invented around 500-400 BCE, which is a long time after the supposed Trojan War. Both the Greeks and the Trojans didn’t have access to the welcome shade of an umbrella.

John Carter: Sports Bras

John Carter was a disappointment to many fans. But not just the movie itself got critique… Peopel also noticed that Lynn Collins was wearing a sports bra, something which felt completely out of place and didn’t fit in with the setting. It proves that even a huge budget isn’t a guarantee for a failproof success.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: T-Shirt and Jeans

While watching the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, did you keep an eye on the extras in the background? If yes, you might’ve noticed that there is an extra wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. While this wouldn’t look out of place today, the movie takes place in 1930’s Egypt. People in 1930’s Egypt didn’t wear jeans. What a blunder!