20 Fruits You May Never Have Heard Of

1. Hala fruit

A Hala fruit is a fruit that is native to Hawaii, Australia and the Marshall Islands. It is reminiscent of a pinecone mixed with a pineapple. The fruit is made up of many different segments, which are called keys or cones. The inside of the keys are edible and taste like sugary mango. 

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2. Buddha’s hand

This yellow, creepy looking fruit is called Buddha’s hand. It’s actually a variety of citrus fruit, which is segmented into finger-like segments. Its origins are tracked back to India and China, where most domesticated citrus fruits originate. The Buddha’s hand fruit contains no pulp or juice, unlike its other citrus cousins. 

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3. Snake fruit

This Indonesian fruit has a very distinct appearance. Its outside is prickly like a cactus and, most notably, covered in what appears to be snakeskin. The fruit is about the size of a fig and grows in clusters of fifteen to forty fruits. Its edible inside has the texture of a garlic clove and tastes a bit like a crunchy pineapple. 

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