From Chimps to Anteaters – The Eccentric World of Celebrity Pets

Wait, They Own What?! 31 Celebrity Pets That’ll Blow Your Mind!

Imagine stepping into the glitzy life of a celebrity—sleek cars, grand mansions, and the latest fashion. It’s a world where the unexpected is the norm, and luxury reaches into every small part of their lives —even their choice of pets. Often, these pets are just as fascinating as the celebrities who own them. Consider, for example, Michael Jackson’s pet chimp or George Clooney’s unusual pet that astonishingly played a role in ending a potential marriage. That’s crazy right?! The pet must truly be extraordinary to have such an impact…

If you thought that was interesting, wait till we reveal the wild side of the ever-charming Leonardo DiCaprio’s. The heartthrob’s choice of pet is unexpected, even for someone as stylish as him. But the surprises don’t stop there! The legendary Elvis Presley himself kept some impressively unconventional pets. Every startling detail about these extraordinary pets will make you gasp, “Can you believe it?!”

And if that’s not enough to raise your eyebrows, consider this: some stars share their lavish lifestyles with pets as unusual as anteaters! Intrigued yet? That’s the enigmatic world of celebrity for you—ever ready to astonish and mesmerize. In fact, some celebs are so attached to their pets that they even resort to cloning their dogs. As if things couldn’t get any more surreal!

Are you eager to discover which celebrities share their glamorous existence with an anteater, a cloned dog, or something even more outlandish? Keep reading because we guarantee what’s coming next will absolutely blow your mind!

1. Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee

When it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, unexpected surprises are always around the corner. But when Michael Jackson, at the pinnacle of his fame, took a pet chimpanzee, it took the world by storm. His name was Bubbles, the charismatic chimp who not only traveled the globe alongside the pop sensation but also starred in music videos with the King of Pop. In a unique period in pop music history, Bubbles became the lovable mascot during MJ’s renowned Bad tour in 1987. However, like all good things, their ‘friendship’ eventually saw an end, though Bubbles remained Jackson’s beloved pet for several years thereafter.

Bubbles, reportedly born in a Texas-based research facility in 1983, became Michael’s pet under somewhat mysterious circumstances. Some say Jackson purchased him directly from the facility when he was just eight months old; others claim he was bought from a Hollywood animal trainer for a staggering $65,000. Regardless of the origin story, one fact remained undeniable – Michael and Bubbles were inseparable. Living initially in Jackson’s LA family home and later in Neverland, Bubbles lived a life of sheer luxury. He shared sweets with MJ while watching movies in their home cinema and even learned to perform the iconic ‘Moonwalk’.

However, it wasn’t all fun and games for the dynamic duo. As Bubbles grew older, and inevitably larger, his presence began to create logistical issues. Michael noted that Bubbles had become more “pugnacious”, and there were whispers of potential mistreatment. Jane Goodall, the world’s leading primatologist, voiced concerns about Bubbles’ welfare. When Jackson welcomed his newborn son Prince Michael II, Bubbles was relocated to the ranch of California trainer Bob Dunn for safety concerns in 2003. Today, at the respectable age of 39, Bubbles lives at the Centre for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida, enjoying a serene lifestyle of painting and flute-listening. Even though their paths diverged, Michael’s legacy continues to support Bubbles, with his estate covering the annual care costs since Jackson’s passing.

2. Kristen Stewart’s wolf

Can you imagine living with a Wolf-Dog Hybrid? If you’re Kristen Stewart, star of the iconic “Twilight” saga, that’s just a part of everyday life. In 2014, Kristen’s mom, Jules, decided to gift her a rather unusual birthday present – a wolf-dog named Jack. Now, Kristen might insist that this isn’t some sort of Twilight-inspired pet choice, but fans of the saga can’t help but draw parallels between her real-life furry friend and her on-screen werewolf romance.

Jack isn’t your everyday pet dog, he’s of European descent, born in the wilds of Florida, and has an uncanny resemblance to a wolf. Being the oldest male in a pack of four wolf-hybrids, he exudes an aura of dominance and power. But don’t be fooled by his intimidating exterior! According to Kristen, beneath that rugged, wolf-like facade is a sweet and gentle soul. He might look like he could be prowling the forests, but at heart, Jack is a friendly dog who enjoys the company of his human family.

Nevertheless, living with a pack of wolf-hybrids does have its share of drama. Kristen’s unique pet choice has made waves among her neighbors, even leading one activist to suggest releasing the dogs back into the wild. But despite these disputes, Jack and his wolf-hybrid siblings continue to live happily with Kristen’s mom. It’s not every day you meet someone living with a pack of wolf-dogs, but for Kristen, Jack and his pack are just part of the family.