Prince Harry is already scared his marriage to Meghan Markle isn’t going to last


Meghan might have managed to get the prince, but we know one thing for sure: the former Suits actress isn’t exactly having an easy time. Since she got married to Harry, all kinds of negative rumours and claims have been made about her. Her father is supposedly worried about his daughter; her family already puts the blame on her if her father were to die and a friend of Prince Charles has completely slammed the Duchess of Sussex in the media.


Not only are there a lot of nasty stories doing the rounds about Meghan, but she’s reportedly also struggling herself. According to a source, Meghan has trouble adapting to all of the rules of the royal family. But it’s definitely all of the gossip that is worrying Harry the most. Meghan is very affected by all of the foul statements that are being made about her and the prince is said to be worrying that it puts too much pressure on their marriage. Apparently, he’s even scared that all this will eventually cost them their marriage.

Harry and Meghan together:

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Source: Flair, Story | Image: video still