Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break royal protocol for sweet reason

harry and meghan
Harry and Meghan are just the sweetest couple

You can’t cross your legs, you have to stop eating when the Queen has finished her meal and you can’t paint your nails just any pretty colour. There are quite some rules when you’re a member of the royal family. Another one: you can’t take a picture with fans. Harry and Meghan decided to ignore this rule in this particular instance, though.

Meghan took a picture with a girl who looked a lot like her.


While in Sydney during their royal tour of Australia, Harry introduced Meghan to a young girl he’d been speaking to. “Do you want to meet my wife?” Harry asks the girl. The nine-year-old Sethunya would love to chat with Meghan, so he motioned for her to come over.


Sethunya came to the event together with her grandmother, who takes this opportunity to tell Meghan how much she thinks her granddaughter looks like the Duchess when she was a child. Meghan had noticed this, too: “I was literally about to say the same thing!” Harry is loving this charming exchange between his wife and the little girl and asks if she’d like to take a picture with Meghan.


Of course, the girl would love a picture. She and her grandmother give Harry their phone and he takes a lovely picture of Meghan and Sethunya together. The royals are actually not allowed to take pictures with fans, but we think it’s so sweet that the couple made an exception in this instance.

Take a look at the video of the sweet moment right here:

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Source: Entertainment Tonight | Image: video still