These are the men all girls used to swoon over back in the day! Do you recognise them?


Swoon! Girls couldn’t keep their eyes off these men!

Let’s go back in time a little bit. Women and girls love to dream of handsome, swoon-worthy actors these days, but that’s not a new thing at all. Back in the day, all kinds of women and girls swooned over handsome men – just different ones than they do today. Do you feel like swooning like old times? We’ve made a list of the most popular actors from back then.

These men are all gorgeous.

Sean Connery


Sean Connery played the role of James Bond in seven different films. He’s often praised as being the best James Bond of all time and we can only affirm that. This man doesn’t just have the looks; he also has the talent.

James Dean


Due to his bad boy image and gorgeous face, James Dean gathered legions of fans. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to live to a very old age. He died in a car crash at only 24 years old. We’ll always remember him in the film Rebel Without A Cause, though.

John Travolta

We all know John Travolta as the bad boy with a good heart Danny Zuko from Grease! This gave an explosive boost to his career, which we don’t mind at all. We love seeing him on our screens!

Paul Newman


Paul Newman is one of the most famous actors from the 1960s. That’s not that hard to believe when you know that his face looks like that of a Greek statue. He definitely belongs on this list!

Brad Pitt


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Brad Pitt is still one of our favourite leading men. He doesn’t need an introduction, of course. He’s beautiful and has been voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine twice! We couldn’t agree more.

George Clooney


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To us, the man behind the Nespresso coffee is absolute eye candy in the truest sense. We think the slogan should be “Clooney, what else?” This amazing actor has had 30 film award nominations and wins. He’s not only handsome, but also very successful!

Patrick Swayze


We mostly know Patrick Swayze from his role as the dance teacher in Dirty Dancing. Many women practically swooned at the sight of him in that film. Unfortunately, he’s no longer with us, but we can still enjoy his films.

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