What happens to your gas car if you accidentally put in diesel?

Accidents happen

It’s pretty much the biggest shock you can get at a gas station: finding out you’ve filled your car with the wrong type of fuel. We know it’s bad for your car to put diesel in a gas car, but just how bad is it exactly?

There’s quite a big difference between the two types of fuel.

Big difference

You can get both at the gas station and if used correctly, you can drive a good amount of kilometres before having to visit one again. When you put it like this, it sounds as if there’s not much of a difference between diesel and gas, but that’s not true at all. Jake McKenzie from Auto Accessories Garage explains to Reader’s Digest: “Diesel is a much thicker substance than traditional gasoline and it is ignited by pressure rather than spark-ignition.”


A few accidental litres of diesel in your gas car can have negative consequences already. “Because of its thickness, even a small amount of diesel fuel in a gas vehicle can clog the engine’s fuel injectors, filters and lines,” Jake explains.

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