This is your driving style according to your zodiac sign! Does your description fit?

driving style
Does your driving style match the description?

Some people are awful at parallel parking while others do it flawlessly without a second thought. The fact that some people are simply better at driving a car than others has to do with spatial awareness, patience and control. But that’s not the only thing that is of influence. Your zodiac sign also decides what kind of driver you are. 

It’s written in the stars.


Are you driving around like a crazy Cruella de Vil or do you recognise yourself more in clumsy Mr Bean’s driving style? The way you drive is written in the stars. Astrologist Debbie Frank did research in partnership with an insurance company to find out whether your star sign can influence the way you drive. For this research, she interviewed 2000 people about their star sign and their driving style. By studying their answers, she recognised a pattern in the driving styles. Want to know what your driving style is according to your star sign? Keep on reading!

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Capricorns are very careful when they’re driving. You won’t see them getting a speeding ticket anytime soon because they’re sticklers for the rules. A Capricorn places a lot of value on trust and safety. Out of the star signs, Capricorns are the least concerned about the environment and they won’t actively look for a car with low CO2 emissions.

Aquarius (20 January – 19 February)

An Aquarius is easily distracted and that’s exactly why one out of three people with this star sign have to try three or more times before they get their license. The Aquarius likes to have a drink, so they will very rarely be the designated driver at a party. They like to drive around in cars with extravagant colours. More than 10 per cent of people with this star sign has a purple car and seven per cent likes to see themselves driving around in a yellow car. The Aquarius likes to stand out.

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