Apparently Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t have custody of their own children

Custody of George, Charlotte and Louis

Okay, so it’s unclear whether Queen Elizabeth has custody of her grandson’s children. But as soon as Charles ascends the throne, he will have custody of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. This also means that Charles will be the guardian of any future children Harry and Meghan might have when he becomes King. What does this guardianship entail? The sovereign has a say in the children’s upbringing, education and travelling.

In practice

So, how does this work in practice? Let’s bring up an example: Prince Charles had to ask his mother for permission to take his sons (then still underage) to Scotland for a couple of days. She said yes, but when Princess Diana once asked if she could take her sons to Australia with her, the Queen didn’t give her permission. The custody of Prince William and Prince Harry was never included in Charles and Diana’s divorce papers either because they never had custody of their children in the first place.

Although the law exists, the British royals do have a bit of a casual attitude towards it. Marlene Koenig states that, once he’s King, Charles will never oppose parental decisions made by his sons and daughters-in-law.

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