Extraordinary: American couple welcomes a daughter after 14 sons

Big Brother

The eldest son, Tyler, is now 28 years old. Tyler tells Detroit Free Press that he doubts whether his parents know what to do with a girl. He even jokes that they don’t have pink clothes for the little one. But secretly Tyler is a very proud big brother. “It wasn’t a crazy dream, I really have a sister,” Tyler writes under a photo of his mother and little sister on Facebook. “Maggie Jayne, you’re just as beautiful as our mother.”

It wasn’t a crazy dream, I really do have a little sister! Still hard to completely wrap my mind around this. Maggie Jayne you are just as beautiful as our momma ❤️

Geplaatst door Ty M. Schwandt op Vrijdag 6 november 2020

Own reality series

The special story of Kateri and Jay has also caught the eye of television makers. The big family has recently started its own reality series, called 14Outdoorsman. In the series the family gives a glimpse into their lives with fourteen sons. And we will probably soon see little Maggie Jayne in the series as well. In any case, Papa Jay can’t beat his luck: “This year was memorable anyway, but Maggie is the biggest gift we could ever get.”

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Source: Metro | Image: Videostill YouTube