Are you colorblind? Take the test!

You may learn something new!

As many as 1 in 12 men are colorblind, while 1 in 200 women suffer from the condition. Some people who are colorblind have never realized that they may see things differently than most people. Are you one of them?

The secret lies in how you perceive colors in a specific test image. It can say a lot about what kind of vision you have. This test applies to everyone as it indicates whether you might have some form of colorblindness. There are different types of colorblindness, including red-green, blue-yellow, and total colorblindness.

In the picture above can see 6 circles and each one of them has a number written in it. Check for yourself which ones you can see and take a note if you find it difficult to see the number. When you checked each one of them, go to the next page to find out the results and see what it means if you weren’t able to see all of the numbers!

Check the next page for the results!

Disclaimer: This test is not a substitute for medical advice.