Boy Gets Suspended From School But Then A Teacher Did This!

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After Borja shared the message on Twitter, their act of kindness went viral. One Twitter user shared: “Some male teachers in Spain are wearing skirts because a Bilbao student named Mikel Gomez was expelled and referred to psychologists for wearing a skirt to school.” See the photos below.

Sexual orientation

Other teachers also wanted to contribute to the cause and a lot of them shared pictures of themselves in skirts. The same goes for fellow teacher Jose Piñas, who has been wearing a skirt to school since last year. Besides supporting the statement of the other teachers, he also does this for another reason. He shared on Twitter that he had previously been persecuted because of his sexual orientation. He explains: “20 years ago I was persecuted and insulted because of my sexual orientation in the institution where I am now a teacher. Many teachers then looked the other way.”


The teachers received a lot of praise from other teachers, but also from the parents. For example, one post reads: “What a great move. High schools are sometimes very difficult for students. You need to be aware of your surroundings and position yourself without nuances to protect yourself from an attack.”

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Source: LADbible | Image: Videostill – New York Post, Twitter