Abandoned puppy with tail on head saved from freezing cold

unicorn puppy

Meet the internet’s newest “magical unicorn”

In Missouri, this special puppy was recently saved by a rescue organization. The little dog was left outside in the freezing cold after he was abandoned by his owners. The little puppy, however, had something special: an extra tail growing on his head. It may sound crazy, but one glance in the eyes of this little cutie, and you’d be ready to take him straight home with you! 

A rare “second” tail sticks out from the forehead of the little puppy.


The little dog had been wandering through the freezing cold in Missouri for a week with a bigger dog. The puppy was limping because of a wound on his paw. When the rescue organization tried to help the little guy, however, they noticed something unusual about the pup. The rare extra tail caught the eyes of the rescuers, and they made sure to get him off the streets and into a warm shelter.


Once he had recovered from his injuries, the rescue organization decided to take the puppy to a veterinarian to get an X-ray of the unusual tail, but the scans were inconclusive. The dog’s second tail does not wag, so it serves no particular purpose—except to make him totally endearing.

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