Why you will take an old sock and baby powder to the beach from now on


An old sock and some baby powder can make your trip to the beach a whole lot better

Many people suffered from a heatwave the previous summer. Because of this heatwave, a lot of us went to the beach or the swimming pool to cool down. Such a day at the beach can be wonderful when the weather is nice and you can swim in the ocean to cool down, but all the sand that gets everywhere causes us nightmares. Luckily we have a handy tip to help you get rid of all that sand quickly. 

Take an old sock and baby powder with you to the beach!

Beach tip

It is lovely to spend a day at the beach, but all the sand everywhere makes us a little less happy. Do you want to avoid getting sand in your whole car or house after spending a lazy afternoon at the beach? Then this tip will come in handy! The only thing you need is an old sock, that you probably have somewhere in the back of your closet, and a bottle of baby powder.

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