Thanks to this ingenious trick with boiling water you can do this for your car

Boiling water

It’s very easy to repair a dent by yourself! All you need is a kettle with hot water and a toilet plunger. So, how do you do it? We’ll explain!

  • Fill a kettle with water and boil it.
  • As soon as the water is boiling, you take the kettle out to your car and pour the water onto the dent and the surrounding area. Do be careful because the water is very hot, of course!
  • Now it’s time to use the toilet plunger. Put the plunger around the dent and carefully pull it towards you. Slowly and carefully repeat this step a couple of times, making your way towards the dent.
  • After a few minutes of careful work, the dent will be completely gone! It’s just as if there never was any dent in the first place.

Take a look at the video below to see the very easy trick in action!


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Source: YouTube | Image: video still