This well-known TikTokker has a golden tip for removing your lenses super fast

How does it work?

Actually, Lala’s technique is quite simple. First, you look straight ahead. Then place one finger just above your eye and one just below, after which you open your eye slightly. Then turn your eye inward. And finally, squeeze your eye shut. You’ll see your lens pop out effortlessly nine times out of ten. Like it’s nothing!

Lala can show you how to do it

Was the explanation not clear enough? Check out Lala’s video and Mahea’s reaction below. They show once again how to apply this ‘life hack’!

@mahearama#stitch with @lalaleluu the way I struggled with taking out contacts all these years #DoritosDuetRoulette #lies♬ original sound – Mahea Ramos

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Source: Ladbible/Lalaleluu | Image: videostill Lalaleluu