Ha! With this trick you’ll be able to buy plane tickets for much cheaper!


This will make traveling by plane even more fun!

Summer is fast approaching, so we’re in the middle of  looking into where we want to go for our summer holiday. Are you planning on traveling by plane for your next holiday? Then you’re probably looking to book your tickets as cheap as possible. If you’re considering flying with budget airline RyanAir we’ve got a tip for you that’ll help you get your tickets even cheaper!

You can save yourself a nice amount of money if you follow this handy tip!

Save money

RyanAir has a reputation of being the cheapest budget airline out there. If you’re looking for a return flight to a European destination, flying doesn’t have to be expensive at all if you’re going with this airline. Are you going on holiday with a group of people? Then you should try this trick; it’ll save you quite some money!

Booking separately

A Belgian journalist has discovered that RyanAir plane tickets can be a lot cheaper if you book them separately instead of in a group. He wanted to travel from Zaventem airport in Belgium to Barcelona, Spain. When he looked at single tickets, one ticket would cost him 88 euros. But when he then looked at tickets for two people right after that, a single ticket was priced at 126 euros! That’s quite the difference.

Not sitting next to each other

The only downside of booking this way is that there’s a considerable chance you and your flying partner won’t be sitting next to each other on the plane. For a short flight that’s doable, though, right? Especially if you can save yourself so much money!

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Source: HLN | Image: Pixabay