People are bringing fitted sheets to the beach and this is why! 

fitted sheets
Believe us, we are about to change your life

We absolutely love going to the beach. We usually bring a whole bunch of stuff with us, such as a bag full of snacks and drinks, sunscreen, something to read, and of course a towel to relax on. But never before have we thought of bringing fitted sheets. However, after reading this, it will be a staple in your beach bag!

We’re always bringing a fitted sheet to the beach from now on.

Fitted sheets

Why anyone would ever think of bringing fitted sheets to the beach is beyond us, but it’s actually pretty genius. Usually, we use them for making our bed, as the elastic band makes it easy to cover our mattress. Unless you use normal sheets as a mattress cover, you’ll probably have some fitted sheets laying around. If not, it might be time to pick some up, as they come in pretty handy.


If you are a regular beach-goer, you know how annoying it is to get sand on your towel. We love the relaxing sound of the ocean, but if you don’t rent a sunbed and you’re just lying on your towel sand gets quite literally everywhere. At the end of your relaxing beach day, your towel and you are covered in sand, which is annoying! That’s why you should take a fitted sheet with you.

How it works

How does it work? It’s quite simple. Take your fitted sheet and lay it down with the elastic side up. Now put a heavy item in each corner, such as a bag, a pair of shoes and your cooler. You’re creating a little wall with the sheet, so the sand cannot get in! Now you can lay down in the middle without getting sand everywhere. Take a king-sized fitted sheet to use it for two people or share with your children. A single fitted sheet is perfect for one person.

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