This is why you shouldn’t use the air conditioning in your car


Apparently, A/C slurps gasoline! Are you very careful with your gas and do you want to be able to drive as long as possible before you have to go back to a gas station? Keep the air conditioning turned off as much a possible. Libelle reports that research shows that manual A/C consumes more fuel on hot days than on a normal day. On a hot day, the air conditioning can use up to 12.5 per cent fuel. Small calculation: if we assume a tank of 70 litres of gas, as much as 8.75 litres of fuel can be used by the air conditioning. With automatic air conditioning, you lose about half as much fuel.

Windows open

In addition, it also appears that a manual A/C in the city consumes three times as much than it would outside of the city. Since you often do not drive through a city at a very high speed, it is better to open the windows if you want to cool down. However, it is better to use the air conditioning when you are driving on the highway. Do you drive with the windows open on the highway? Then the turbulences slow down your car and your car uses more gasoline. You have to pick the lesser of two evils here, but on the highway, the best choice is to switch on the air conditioning instead of opening the windows when it comes to your fuel consumption.

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Source: Libelle België | Image: Unsplash

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