25 Hidden Features in Cars You’ve Overlooked

13. The Talking Mirror

In large cars with seven seats, a standard rear-view mirror is not enough if you want to keep an eye on the children in the back seat. KIA, Hyundai and Toyota have therefore come up with the ‘talking mirror’. The curved glass allows you to see the entire interior from the front seats. This way they can no longer do any mischief in the back!

14. Customizable mood lighting


Nowadays, many cars offer some sort of mood lighting for the interior. Depending on the model, the center console, door panels, footwells, and cup holders can all be illuminated. The lighting does not make the car safer, but the driver does.

A study by the scientific journal Lighting Research and Technology shows that lighting improves the perception of drivers. This way, you’ll notice potential dangers faster. Additionally, the mood lighting helps you to find buttons so that you’re less distracted.

15. Hidden Umbrella

Nothing is more annoying than a sudden rainstorm. Naturally, you don’t always have an umbrella with you. And in the trunk it would only be in the way all the time. They have taken this into consideration at Rolls-Royce: there is an umbrella hidden in the door. However, you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy this convenient feature. The modest Skoda Kamiq also has it.

16. Slippery Road Detection      

Cars have had warning lights for all sorts of things for a while now. But a warning light that warns for a slippery road is relatively new. It is not an insignificant addition: rain, snow and sleet can me a road dangerously slippery. The Slippery Road Detection works through a sensor that is mounted at the front bumper. When the temperature drops below zero, the systems warns the driver that the roads might be slippery.

17. Hands-free tailgate

Another annoyance: you arrive at your car after shipping, but your hands are full and you can’t reach the key. You don’t have to worry about that when you have a modern car. Models from different manufacturers have a sensor mounted under the rear bumper. With a simple swing of the foot under the bumper, the car automatically opens the tailgate.

18. Stability Check


You may have seen that icon of a skidding car on your dashboard. That is the button for the electronic stability control the car uses sensors to measure whether the tires are losing grip. If so, the system tries to correct the slipping tires with braking interventions and by reducing engine power. Convenient for when the roads are slippery!

19. Advanced Braking

You have probably heard of the abbreviation ABS. But do you actually know what it is and what it’s for? ABS is short for Anti-lock Braking System. It does exactly what you would expect it to do: it prevents the wheels from locking up when you brake hard.

When the system detects hard braking via sensors in the brakes, the systems tries to reduce the braking force on the wheels that threaten to lock up. After all, with blocked wheels, you do not brake faster and you can no longer steer. ABS gives you more control on a slippery road or in the event of a sudden emergency stop.

20. Line Recognition

For some people, coloring between the lines is no easy task. Driving between the lines can be just as difficult. To help distracted drivers, car manufacturers have developed a number of different systems. The system lets the driver know that the car is moving outside the lines via a beep or a flashing light. If the driver does not intervene, the car will simply do it.

21. Hooks

The best hidden features of your car are often the simplest. You can always find something useful in the interior. Take a look around your car. Chances are you’ll come across hooks in all sorts of places that can make your life easier! You’ll usually find them in the cargo area, but you can also find them near the headrests and above the rear doors.

22. Hidden Storage Compartments

Even more is hidden in your interior. Manufacturers do everything they can to improve the storage capacity of family cars. Most storage compartments you wouldn’t even find if you didn’t read the manual. For example, the Dodge Journey has a hidden storage compartment under the passenger seat, two compartments with removable trays under the floor behind the first row of seats and a storage compartment across the full width of the load floor. Even in more expensive cars they apply these tricks: the Land Rover Discovery has a hidden compartment behind the controls for the air conditions. Convenient for hiding valuables!

23. Dimming rear-view mirror

At night, the headlights of the car behind you can be a bother. Did you know that you can adjust the rear-view mirror to help you with that? Even in older cars, you can dim that annoying reflection by pulling a lever on the mirror. In newer cars, the mirror even does this automatically. As soon as the sensor in the mirror detects bright light, it dims automatically.

24. A convenient arrow by the fuel gauge

fuel icon

If you rent or borrow a car, there are things that can take some getting used to. For example, how do you know where the fuel valve is located? Fortunately, someone’s thought of a solution to this. A simple triangle is shown next to the fuel gauge icon. This triangle points to the side of the care where the valve is located. This way, you’ll avoid awkward situations at the gas pump!

25. Improved Soundproofing

Bose is known to the general public as a manufacturer of headphones. However, they are also active in the automotive industry. Together with car manufacturers, Bose tries to eliminate annoying sounds in cars as much as possible. This goes beyond simply using more insulation material.

The QuietComfort Road Noise Control system actively counteracts unpleasant noises. The system uses sensors to measure the noises made by the car and produces a signal through the speakers that counteracts the noise. Thanks to this active noise cancelling, you can enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride.

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Source: The Delite