Just dream away: beautiful and unique hotels in the world


Hotel Costa Verde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

A little further south you will find Hotel Costa Verde, where you can sleep in a 1965 Boeing 727. Hotel guests can even sit in the cockpit. The inside of the aircraft is completely clad in local teak. The plane, er… the hotel room, is located at a height of 15 meters, giving you a beautiful view over the jungle and even the ocean. Wow!


Book and Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Book lovers can indulge themselves here. Book and Bed Tokyo is like a bookshop, until you push aside a bookshelf and see a cozy corner with a simple bed, reading lamp and a power socket. Perhaps not the most luxurious place to sleep, but certainly a unique one. You certainly shouldn’t be claustrophobic here, because the sleeping compartments are just big enough for one person.


Treehouse Lodge Resort, Iquitos, Peru

Who didn’t want a tree house as a child? This holiday destination makes our childhood dreams come true. You can only reach the Treehouse Lodge Resort after an hour boat trip from Iquitos, after which you have to climb ten to twenty meters to get to your tree house. In this tree house you are completely at one with nature. Only a mosquito net and thin curtains stand between you and the Amazon rainforest. Guests are provided with a personal guide, and there are plenty of excursions, including dolphin watching in the river and visiting native villages. Sign us up!


Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Smaller European countries also offer unique hotels. For example, in Amsterdam, on the NDSM site, you have the Faralda Crane Hotel. Here you can spend a night in a real crane with a view over the river IJ. The hotel rooms consist of two floors, complete with a large double bed, an extensive kitchen, and a luxurious bathroom.

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Source: National Geographic, Instagram| Image: Unsplash