This is why you should never use a fan in the bedroom

A lot of people keep a fan in their bedroom in this hot weather

The ideal temperature to sleep in is between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. When the outside temperature doesn’t get any lower than 20 degrees, it can be pretty difficult to cool down your home. To still create some cool air in the bedroom, some people put a fan in there. But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do…

A sleep expert explains that a fan isn’t the solution.

Cooling down

Not everyone can deal with the constant sound of a fan, but most people are so used to it that they’ll just sleep straight through it. That’s why many people like to place a fan inside their bedroom. A bit of cool air can make falling asleep a lot easier. A sleep expert has revealed that this isn’t the best solution, though.


Some people enjoy warm temperatures, others don’t seem to function properly when it’s hot. We try to cool off in any way we can, but once our house has warmed up, it’s difficult to make it cool again. You could buy an air conditioning unit, but those can be quite expensive. That’s why many people resort to using a fan, so they can feel a little bit of a cold breeze when they’re trying to sleep. But, whether this is the best idea, a sleep expert doubts it.

White noise

Many people choose to sleep with a fan on. Not only to relieve them of the warm air in their bedroom, but also because they enjoy sleeping with white noise in the background. The constant noise can ensure a good night’s sleep, because you won’t wake up from sudden noises such as someone flushing the toilet or noises outside. Moreover, the constant white noise has a calming effect, ensuring you fall asleep quickly an deeply. People suffering from tinnitus, the medical name for ringing ears, can benefit greatly from white noise.

Even though a fan can have some merits, sleeping with a fan on isn’t the best idea. Read why this is on the next page.

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