This is why you should never use a fan in the bedroom


A fan moves the same air around the room, so you’d think that the air quality remains the same. However, this isn’t the case. Moving air can make it much easier to breathe. Some studies say that having a fan on can even prevent sudden infant death syndrome by 72%. Moreover, nasty smells won’t linger in your room, which is good if you or your partner are a little gassy…


Asthma, allergies and dry eyes can all be made worse when you put a fan in your bedroom. The thing might provide you with cool air, but it also blows pollen and dust through your room. If you sleep for eight hours, you will be exposed to these pollen and dust for eight hours as well. This isn’t exactly healthy. Sleep advisor Mark Reddick explained to Metro UK that this does differ per person: “For some people, having a ceiling or floor fan in the room helps them fall asleep and stay cool during the night. For others, it can keep them awake, trigger asthma attacks or dry out their eyes.” Are you sensitive to these things? Then you might want to stop using the fan at night.

Dry eyes

If you have allergies, they might become worse because the fan moves dust particles and pet hair around as well. This can cause your eyes, nose and throat to become irritated more quickly. Plus, keeping it on might also mean you wake up with dry eyes. The constant airflow in your room can cause you to wake up feeling a bit dehydrated. That’s why you should always put your fan on the lowest setting and not let it blow straight into your face.

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Source: Metro | Image: Pixabay