Family dog ​​throws baby across the backyard and the reason why will surprise you


It turns out that dogs can be real superheroes

Most dogs are friendly by nature and would therefore not hurt a child easily. That’s what Catherine Svilicic from Australia thought when she decided to adopt a neglected Doberman. However, she was shocked when the Dobermann threw her 17-month-old child across the backyard a few days later. 

Relaxing in the backyard

It is October when Catherine’s out enjoying a warm day in the backyard. Her young daughter Charlotte is having fun playing and next to her is the newest family member: Khan. Khan is the neglected Doberman who Catherine adopted four days earlier.


Khan didn’t have a good life before he was adopted. The dog was mistreated by its previous owner and also received little food. Initially, Catherine was concerned about the dog’s character. She was afraid he might not be friendly. Still, she gave the dog the benefit of the doubt and after a few days she was convinced Khan was a sweet dog. He sometimes sniffed Charlotte, reacted well to other dogs and was always calm at home.

Yet after four days something happened that shocked Catherine terribly.

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