Using your air-conditioning on a hot summer day? Lovely, but watch out for these things!

Tips for use

In addition to cleaning and maintenance, it is also important to know how to use the air-conditioning correctly. These tips will help you to use your air-conditioning wisely:

  1. Always close the windows and doors when using the air-conditioner. This way, no heat can enter.
  2. Protect the room you want to cool from direct exposure to the sun, for example by closing the curtains.
  3. Do not place any objects on the air-conditioner, as these will retain heat.
  4. Delay vacuuming until a cooler day. The warm air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner will remain in the house and increase the temperature.
  5. Turn on the air-conditioner before the heat hits. This means that it does not have to work as hard, and your energy costs will be lower.
  6. Set the thermostat of the air-conditioner so that there is a maximum temperature difference of 7° C compared with the outside temperature. The wind chill will always be a lot lower, because an air-conditioner dehumidifies the air. This ensures that the air feels cooler.
  7. Do not place the air-conditioner in a large room. Each air-conditioner can cool a maximum number of square meters. If you put the appliance in a larger space than it can handle, you will never be able to properly cool the entire room.

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Source: Strooming | Image: Pexels