10 olive oil tricks that have nothing to do with making food

4. Protect razors

Razors aren’t exactly cheap to come by and that’s why we usually try to make them last as long as possible. Want to prolong your razor’s life? Olive oil will help you out. Before shaving, dip you razor into some olive oil and use a cotton pad to absorb the oil on the surface. Let the razor dry before you use it. This way, it won’t become rusty as quickly.

3. Hydrate your skin

Especially during winter, a lot of people suffer from dry skin. Are you not feeling like buying a bunch of expensive creams? Then you can also rub a little bit of olive oil onto your face and leave it to sit for a little while. Rinse afterwards. You could also add a bit of the oil to a warm bath to hydrate your skin while you’re relaxing in the bathtub.

2. Control frizzy hair

Is your hair a bit frizzy and do you want to do something about it? You could comb a little bit of olive oil through the ends of your hair to make sure your hair doesn’t frizz as much. Do make sure you don’t get any oil in the top part of your hair because that will make it look greasy.

1. Remove make-up

Did you just remove your mascara but is their still some left on your eyelashes? You can wipe it away really easily with a cotton pad with a drop of olive oil on it. Besides, olive oil is also very nourishing for your eyelashes. It’s a win-win situation!

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Source: The Spruce | Image: Unsplash

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