Wrap your feet in aluminum foil and a few hours later you will have this result! This is genius!

aluminium foil

Nasty cold
Rid yourself of that nasty cold in record time! How? Take five to seven sheets of aluminum foil and wrap them around your feet. Leave them on for about an hour. Then take off the foil for about an hour to let your feet breathe and then rewrap your feet again. Repeat this process every evening. After two nights, you will notice the difference already!

Wrapping your joints in a sheet of aluminum foil can also help against pain. You can use a bandage to keep the foil in its place properly. Wrap the foil around the painful joint before you go to bed and keep it in place during the night. Do this for about 7 nights.

Our last tip is great for when you are suffering from fatigue. In that case, put a few sheets of aluminum foil in the freezer for two to four hours. Then put the sheets on your face, in particular on your eyelids and cheeks. Get comfortable and you will start to feel the relaxing effect of the aluminum foil. We haven’t tried this ourselves yet, but we hear from many people that it really works! So, definitely worth trying.

But while aluminum foil can help to ease everyday aches and pains, it should never take the place of professional medical attention. Be sure to consult with a physician before trying any home remedies, and continue to take any prescriptions your doctor recommends.

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