These are the most hilarious gym photos

gym photos

Whether it’s effective, we don’t know… But it’s definitely special

The gym: some love going every day while others have been non-actively donating to the gym for years. Some come to lose weight and spend an hour doing cardio, while others are lifting twice their body weight. Whatever your reason for going to the gym may be, you’re going to work on yourself. And that’s worth a round of applause! But every once in a while, you come across people who, eh, don’t fully understand how things work in the gym. And that gives us hilarious pictures.

In the gym

Everyone goes to the gym to work on themselves. That may mean an hour on the treadmill or getting down with squats and deadlifts, it doesn’t matter. We all spend some time looking around to see what’s going on. How many people are there? What kind of exercises are they doing? Is the leg press finally available? That kind of stuff.

Hilarious pictures

That monkey watching – er, looking around – leads to more than a few hilarious moments. The photos below prove that all too well. From a father taking his baby to the gym to a man exercising in heels and from an older woman with curls in her hair to squatting on a fitness ball. It’s hard to say if these workouts are effective but…. Hilarious? They sure are. Curious? Check them out on the next page.