Got an annoying mosquito bite? With these tips it will stop itching right away!

mosquito bite

Sea water

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dive into the water in the middle of summer. It’s also a very good idea to get yourself into the salty water of the sea when you’ve got itchy mosquito bites. The salt will cause the itch to disappear very quickly. Ideal!

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is also something you should definitely have around at all times. It’s a true miracle product. You can use it as aftersun lotion, but it’s also very useful when you’ve just been bitten by a mosquito and the bite still burns a little. Have you already scratched open the bite? Then it’s definitely a good idea to rub some aloe vera on it, since it has a restorative function.


Rub a little toothpaste onto the mosquito bite and the itch will disappear. Don’t forget to remove the paste before you go out, because it might look a little weird when you’re covered in toothpaste. Rubbing some mint on the bite also helps to alleviate the itch.

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Source: Flair Online | Image: Pixabay