Eat yourself sleepy! These foods will give you a good night’s rest

6. Shellfish

Shellfish, especially lobster and prawns, contains tryptophan: the substance that makes you sleepy. When you can’t manage to eat more lettuce with your dinner, try eating some shellfish instead.

7. Kale or spinach

Do you love kale or spinach? Then you’re in luck! Both vegetables contain calcium, which helps the production of substances in your body that make you fall asleep. You can of course use these vegetables in your meals, but you can also incorporate them into a smoothie. The ideal drink to have when you’re sitting on the couch after a long day.

8. Camomile tea

Another drink that you can try in the evening to fall asleep is camomile tea. This herbal tea makes you calm and relaxes your muscles. Apart from that, this tea is also good for your stomach, bowels, and throat. It’s a real win-win situation when you love tea.

9. Passionfruit tea

To keep the tea vibe going, you can also drink passionfruit tea instead of camomile tea. It is best to drink this tea an hour before you go to bed. Passionfruit tea contains a substance that affect your nerves and makes you tired. That’s why it isn’t always wise to drink this tea during the day. However, as an evening drink it is perfect for a good night’s rest.

10. Cherry juice

A drink that you might not pick immediately, but a drink that does help you to fall asleep faster is cherry juice. Cherry juice increases the melatonin levels in your body, which makes it easier to fall asleep. So try a nice glass of cherry juice before going to bed when you can’t manage to fall asleep.

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Source: Marie Claire | Image: Pexels