Here are a few reasons to put aluminum foil on your face

This is what you do

Tear off a few strips of aluminum foil. Make sure the strips are the same length as your face. Place the strips of aluminum foil in the freezer before going to bed. Do you wake up in the mornings feeling tired and with heavy bags under your eyes? Then remove the strips of foil from the freezer and place them on your face.

Cooling effect

After placing the cold strips of aluminum foil on your face, you will look a lot less tired. The cooling effect of the foil will reduce swelling in your face, and you’ll suddenly look a lot less sleepy. And that’s not all: you will most likely also feel a lot fitter. It’s worth trying, isn’t it?

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Image: Aluminium foil, close up door Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker onder de licentie CC BY 2.0