Got leftover pickle juice? These are 10 handy things you can do with it

6. Colds and sore throat

When you’re experiencing the first symptoms of a sore throat or a cold, you should have a tablespoon of pickle juice. The acids in the juice are just as effective as a coughing syrup and much more organic.

7. Blood sugar levels

According to research conducted by the Journal of Diabetes, drinking a bit of pickle juice before every meal helps to keep your blood sugar on the right level. This is especially relevant for people who have type 2 diabetes.

8. Cooking

You can use the juice from a pickle jar as a replacement for vinegar or mix it with some yoghurt for a creamy salad dressing for green salad, egg salad, fish salad or potato salad. Some people also use the juice from a pickle to marinate their meat. You can also use it poach fish in to make it even tastier.

9. Copper

Get out a sponge and scrub all of your copper items perfectly clean with a bit of juice from a pickle jar. Drench the sponge or cloth in some of the juice and use this to rub the copper clean with.

10. Fertiliser

This might sound a bit strange, but pickle juice is very suitable to be used as fertiliser. It’ll also make weeds like thistles and nettles disappear.

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Source: Delish | Image: Public Domain Pictures, Sheila Brown

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