Wow! McDonald’s fries have a very special health benefit!


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Going out for fries at McDonald’s isn’t exactly good for you if you want to pay attention to your weight. If you’re trying to eat fewer carbs, it’s also best to say no to fries. Yet there are a couple of reasons to eat them anyway. First of all: they’re delicious. Secondly, they improve your mood (because yum) and now research has also shown that eating McDonald’s fries helps against hair loss!

What a delicious solution!

Have you been suffering from hair loss lately? Then McDonald’s offers the most delicious solution ever. Eating the fast food chain’s fries helps to combat baldness, if we are to believe researchers from Yokohoma National University. Their research showed that the frying oil McDonald’s uses to fry their fries contains something named dimethylpolysiloxane. This ingredient prevents the frying oil from foaming, but it also has a positive influence on hair follicles.

To be sure about this, the researchers tested on mice whether or not the dimethylpolysiloxane really does have a positive effect on hair. The chemical was used in a culture vessel for hair follicles and this turned out to work well. Junji Fukuda, one of the researchers, stated to be very happy with the result. Many people suffer from hair loss and feel bad about this, but this new discovery might lead to the solution to hair loss problems.

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Source: Metro | Image: Pixabay