The weight loss successes of these stars will inspire you to lose weight yourself

 5. Chaka Khan

The Queen of Funk, that’s what singer Chaka Khan is often called. To get the most out of her performances, she aspired to become the best version of herself. This made her decide to pay more attention to her diet. So she started with a water diet, this is a diet where you only drink liquids. She also no longer eats animal products and she got a grip on her high blood pressure. This helped Chaka lose 27 kilos.

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6. Adele

Adele has had a major transformation recently. She has lost 45 kilos in a short time. Her secret? A combination of a healthy diet and exercise. She started eating more herbal products and started exercising more. She has also started drinking less tea. Well, she’s still British after all.

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7. Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy has no particular diet or weight loss method that helped her to lose weight. The actress has lost 35 kilos through training and proper nutrition. According to her, that is the best way to feel better about yourself.

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Source: Medical Matters | Image: Unsplash (I Yunmai), videostill