Suffering from drooping eyelids? No problem, you can lift them naturally!

Egg mask

This natural mask can give your eyelids a lift without any surgery. This benefits you and it also benefits your wallet! The solution is simple and you probably already have some in the fridge: eggs. They’re not only delicious to eat, but you can also use them to help you with a lot of health problems and little discomforts. For example, you can use eggs to remove blackheads! But more importantly here, you can use eggs to give your eyelids a natural lift. How? It’s really easy.

What you need to do

First things first, start with cleaning your face thoroughly. Make sure that all make-up is removed. Then dry your face well with a clean towel. Take an egg from the fridge and separate the yoke from the egg white. You can get rid of the yoke, you only need the egg whites. Use a cotton swab to put the egg white on your eyelids. Have a nice lie down and keep your eyes closed until the egg white has dried up. Then wash your eyelids well to get it all off. Repeat this ritual every day and you’ll see noticeable changes within a few days!

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Source: World Unity | Image: Pexels