Do you often have dark circles under your eyes? Then you should break these 4 habits


These habits can make you look dead tired and ten years older than you actually are. But don’t despair because they’re easy to break!

  • Washing your face with water that’s too hot: Hot water and steam cause your face to swell and accentuate the dark skin under your eyes. So, stop using hot water and from now on wash your face with lukewarm water. Afterwards, rinse with cool water.

  • Never using sunscreen: You always need to use sunscreen on your face (especially under your eyes!) if you’re going outside, even if you’re just going out for a little bit and it’s not even that sunny. Hyperpigmentation under your eyes is the result of leaving the delicate skin under your eyes to the mercy of the sun and this is what’s causing those ugly dark circles.
  • Using bad makeup remover: Make sure you don’t cleanse your eyes with the same product you use for the rest of your face. The skin around your eyes is much more delicate and can’t deal very well with aggressive cleansing. Always use a mild cleanser for the skin around your eyes.
  • Eating too much salt: Salt causes your body to retain moisture. This will make the skin around your eyes look doughy and swollen. So, be a bit more mindful about the amounts of salt you put on your food!

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and each person’s results may vary.

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