Who knew talcum powder was this useful? THIS is what you can do with it!

talcum powder

We had no idea you could use talcum powder for these things too!

There are few products as versatile as talcum powder, yet most people only use it in caring for their babies and that’s a bit of a waste, really. This cheap product can be used for so many other useful things as well!

We’ll get a bottle of the stuff right away!

Grease stains
Getting a grease stain in your favorite shirt is super annoying and it can be difficult to get out. Not with talcum powder, though! If you sprinkle some of the powder onto the stain before putting the shirt in the washing machine, it will absorb the grease and your shirt will be as good as new!

There’s nothing like a big scratch on your phone screen to ruin your perfectly pleasant mood. Luckily, a scratch on your screen is easily fixed by making a paste of talcum powder and water. Rub it over your screen and the scratches will disappear!

Sweaty feet
Do you suffer from sweaty feet? Rubbing some talcum powder onto your feet will make a big difference. This tip also works for sweaty armpits. The powder will stop you from sweating too much.

If you’ve got ants roaming around your house, talcum powder is the solution for you. Sprinkle some of the powder onto the doorstep over which the ants are coming in. They absolutely hate this powder so they won’t walk through it to get into your house.

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Source: Margriet | Image: Flickr, Austin Kirk