Toddler has green, slimy pet frog and they are the best of friends

toddler frog

The toddler and her frog do everything together!

Juliana Allon from Florida has a very interesting choice in pets. When her and her mother visited the local pet store, she didn’t want a puppy or a cat. She wanted to bring a frog home. George, a white tree frog, lives with Juliana and her family and the two are the best of friends.

Pet store

When Juliana Allon, a two-year-old from Panama City, Florida, visited the pet store with her mother, her eye fell on the white tree frog that had been given to the pet store by its previous owner. In the store, the employees let her hold the frog and that is when Juliana knew she wanted to bring her new friend home with her. According to Wales Online, Brandie, Juliana’s mother, said “He was so fat and squishy-looking, she wanted to hug him straightaway. When the store let her pick him up and hold him, she said: ‘Mommy, please, please, please!’ and I couldn’t say no.” So they brought George home with them.

Best friends

Now the two are inseparable. They do everything together. Brandie said: “He just crawls to the top of her shoulder and they walk around together, he manages to hang on somehow.” The frog sleeps in Juliana’s bedroom and when the toddler wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is ask for her friend George, whom she lovingly calls ‘baby frog’. Her mother reportedly said: “Before we leave the house, she always says ‘bye bye baby frog, I’ll be back’. She puts him in the baby stroller and walks him around the house. And when she’s eating breakfast, he sits calmly next to her on the table.”

According to the family, the frog is very happy with Juliana. Usually, when white tree frogs are feeling stressed or unhappy, they change color; from green to brown. But whenever Juliana picks him up, George turns a happy green and turquoise color.


The only thing Juliana has to remember is to wash her hands after holding George. And her parents taught her that she could only hug George, not kiss him. Her mother said: “He peed on Juliana once before which she didn’t like very much. Frogs can also carry salmonella, so I had to teach Juliana not to kiss him. Hugging is fine, but she always runs to the bathroom to wash her hands afterwards because she knows the rules.”

Let’s hope that Juliana and her pet frog can stay friends for a long time!

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Source: Wales Online, Good News Network | Image: Unsplash, Harper Smith