TikTok hack: this is how to really clean your sink

Dirty drain

In the video we see a shiny sink. Completely clean, you would think. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The TikTokker proceeds to unscrew the drain from the sink, and there is quite a bit of dirt under that. She shows how she first removes this with a cloth, and then cleans the drain completely with an old toothbrush and some abrasive. Then she rinses some baking soda and warm water through the drain and screws the lid back on. It takes some effort, but then you have an ultra-clean sink in your kitchen.


Before you run to the kitchen to clean your sink, it’s helpful to grab a bucket. The water seeps out when you unscrew the drain, someone warns below the video. Good to know! We are going to take care of our sink a lot more often. If you have a lot of problems with fruit flies in the kitchen, it is a good idea to look what is hiding under the drain of your sink!

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Source: TikTok | Image: Unsplash, Callum Hill