Here’s how to easily remove the musty smell from clothing

Step 1: Wash with vinegar

First, wash the clothes with vinegar. To do this, set the washing machine to the highest temperature (unless the clothes cannot handle this). Distribute the clothes as evenly as possible in the washing machine and pour a large glass of white vinegar over clothing. Then run the program without detergent! The acids in the vinegar help fight bacteria. The fungi will have largely disappeared after this wash.

Step 2: Wash with baking soda

When the vinegar wash is done, start the next step. Spread the clothes in the washing machine again and now sprinkle the fabric with a large cup of baking soda. Run the machine again at the hottest temperature and without detergent. Baking soda has a neutralizing effect, so that the remaining odors disappear from your clothes.

Step 3: Dry in the sun

Can you let the clothes dry outside in the sun? Be sure to do this. The rays of the sun have a disinfecting effect, which will kill even more bacteria. If hanging your clothes outside is not an option for you, then put the clothes in the dryer on the appropriate program. After this, the clothes may still have a hint of staleness. If so, repeat the above steps, but use a smaller amount of vinegar and baking soda: half a cup instead of a full cup.

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Source: Apartment Therapy | Image: Pexels