Beware! Your smartphone can quickly overheat in a hot climate

smartphone overheat

Your smartphone can quickly overheat in warm weather

On these warm days you are probably mainly concerned with how to keep as cool as possible. However, it is also important to keep a close eye on your smartphone, as it can quickly overheat on hot days. Is this bad for your phone, and what should you pay attention to?

Hot, hotter, hottest

You may have noticed that smartphones are very temperature sensitive. During heat waves, mobile phones sometimes just shut down or show ominous notifications. Your phone can quickly become too hot when you use it in the car for navigation. Even sitting on a terrace with your phone on a table nearby can result in it quickly overheating due to the bright sun.

What is the reason for this?

When a smartphone gets too hot, it often fails. This is done to protect the electronics and especially the phone’s battery from overheating. Just like a laptop, a telephone has a computer system. However, many laptops have a built-in fan that ensures that the system will continue to run, even with frequent use. Phones generally do not need built-in fans, as they perform less work. Nevertheless, many smartphone functions produce heat. Consider, for example, starting a large app, and loading, downloading or streaming large files. These actions can quickly become too much for your phone if the temperature is above 30 degrees.

Is overheating bad for your phone?

Whether overheating is bad for your phone depends entirely on your phone. Most smartphones shut down before reaching harmful temperatures and actually overheating. Once your smartphone is switched off, it is important that you put it in a cooler place. The lithium ion batteries in your phone can be damaged by persistent high temperatures. They will age faster and your phone’s battery will drain quicker. In extreme cases, an overheated battery can even catch fire. Yikes!

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