5 handy tips for a dust free home

3. Keep windows and doors closed

In summer, it’s wonderful to open up the windows and let the wind rush through your home, but this does bring a lot of dust with it. Also check whether the windows and doors in your home still close properly. In old houses, there are often cracks between the doors and the frames, which makes it easy for dirt and dust to come inside.

4. Top to bottom

Always dust from top to bottom to prevent dust from a higher surface falling down to a lower surface. Start off by dry dusting all of the surfaces before you try wet dusting anything. Be aware that not every surface is suitable when it comes to wet cloths. Wood, for example, can warp or stain.

5. Use the right tools

Use the vacuum cleaner for large patches of dust and a microfiber cloth for smooth, flat surfaces. Microfiber properly traps the dust instead of moving it around. Use a chenille duster for the high surfaces you can’t easily reach.

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Source: The Spruce | Image: video still

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