This is why you should use dish detergent to clean the bath


It is actually very simple: squeeze some detergent out of the bottle and pour it over the entire bathtub in swirling movements. Try to coat the places that accumulate the most dirt, often the edges where water remains in the tub. Use a (scouring) sponge to spread the detergent over the bathtub. Scrub with the sponge until even the most stubborn stains disappear. The only thing you have left to do is rinse the bathtub with some warm water and you’re done! Your bathtub will shine like never before.

Standing position

Here’s a tip for you if you can’t kneel for too long to scrub the bath. Instead of a (scouring) sponge, use a clean broom with somewhat harder hairs. In this way, you can scrub the bath while standing, without being in a difficult position. Good luck!

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Source: The Kitchn | Image: Pexels, Pixabay