5 cleaning hacks that will help you clean even the dirtiest dishes

3. Cast iron pan

It’s best not to put a cast iron pan in the dishwasher. The aggressive components of dishwasher tablets can damage the coating of the pan. Luckily, you don’t need such cleaning products anyway; all you need is a potato! Put a bit of salt in your cast iron pan and use the flat side of half a potato to scrub the pan with. Then, rinse the pan with water and dab it dry with some paper towels or a dishcloth.

4. Coffee mug

A lot of people drink coffee on a daily basis and most use the same mug every day. With a lot of use comes the inevitability of your mug gaining a brown film. The dishwasher won’t remove these brown stains completely. A method that does work is to fill the mug with warm water and add a little bit of baking soda to it. Leave this mixture to sit and soak for 15 minutes and then rinse the mug with cold water. The stains will be gone!

5. Blender

The last tip we’ve got is a tip for cleaning your blender. It’s one of those appliances a lot of people use on a regular basis but that can’t be put through the dishwasher. And cleaning a blender isn’t exactly a fun time. But there’s no need to despair because with this simple cleaning hack your blender will be clean again in no time at all. Fill the blender with warm water and a drop of dish soap, turn it on and that’s it. The force behind the blender will make sure all of the dirt and food scraps will come off and your blender will look as good as new again after you rinse it.

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Source: Elle Eten | Image: Unsplash

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