This is why you should apply car wax to your gas stove

Car wax

Car wax is formulated to make your car shine, and it also prevents minor scratches. In addition, it makes cleaning a lot easier, because the dirt remains on the layer of wax. Most modern cars have a transparent coating that makes the wax redundant, but that coating can fade after a while, making it useful to wax your car. It resists stains and fingerprints, and also repels dust and dirt.


For the same reason, you can also apply car wax to your gas stove: the coating ensures that dirt and liquid are easy to wipe away. How do you apply the wax? Make sure your gas stove is completely clean. Then apply car wax with a cloth, as described on the packaging. Make sure your gas stove has cooled down before you do this. This technique can be applied to most gas stoves, including stainless steel, metal, glass and ceramic. The wax will last about two weeks, so repeat the technique when you see the shiny layer fade.

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